Time to be You.

How it Works

When you click the button above, you are taken to randomly selected fashion, styles, design, or beauty content. Here is a quick breakdown on how it works…


Why Random ConteNT?

There are many reasons random content can be better or more conducive to fashion. For one, you don’t know what you don’t know. Fashion, styles, design, and beauty are truly in the eye of the beholder. It does not pay dividends to get the same old recycled trends based on someone else’s bottom line. We don’t have studies to back this up (yet) but we are fairly confident a number of mental health problems stem from seeing content you assume is the norm from algorithms that don’t know any better. When people are told there is a norm, it forces right-behaving and almost seems to instigate shame, especially if you are not within the confines of “normal.” Our ecosystem is truly evil and we are trying to rectify that.


Why a Button?

Automatic processes are non-consensual. We don’t believe consent can be given except through an opt-in framework. A button is the only method we could think of to determine consent. Our processes protect you from all the evil doers out there trying to manipulate you. However, we still like to give a button because we are trying to normalize consent as part of the new social media ecosystem framework.


How does content get generated?

We try to keep everything above board at Catlicked. We also try to keep our copyright. This is a difficult thing to do in this day-and-age of trolls. There is a massive likelihood someone will try to rip off our design to facilitate a service similar to ours, even though we have attempted to protect our copyright as much as possible. Good ideas are generated through innovators and big money is running out of ideas so they tend to steal them. We have crafted a curated list and we are hoping you can help us improve this list over time by socializing it. 


Do I actually need Catlicked?

This is a question only you can answer for yourself. It is the kind of question that is as old as time itself. But, we think you will understand exactly why you need a platform like Catlicked when you start to realize, for yourself, just how unhappy you are on social media platforms generally. Most social media platforms are not about collaboration and they have somehow socialized money. We sometimes only think in terms of how it makes money instead of how it crafts discovery or makes new ideas. At Catlicked, you are not a product. You are the solution. You get to be a part of a free-to-play promotional system where people make the rules instead of corporations. You get to re-socialize worth into something more than money.