Be You

About Us

We are a design and style company. We leverage data science in ways our industry does not. Many platforms require accounts and prioritize exposure for some using complicated algorithms. Under their framework, the socially rich only get richer. They believe design and fame are one and the same and they go to great lengths to convince you their styles are the right ones while others are last summer. The world of design, style, fashion, and beauty has made it harder for you to be you.

We are a highly curated and socialized version of stumble upon for aesthetics. Our selection of content is extremely successful at getting you back to you in a world telling you to be anything but yourself. Wouldn’t it be great to be you without all the noise?


Our Services

We are your portal for exploration. We give you a place to get exposure for your platform without having to pay for it. We do this fairly so people can see who they are within the confines of the things they like. We don’t support products. We don’t advocate political values. We don’t give promotions – unless they are paid spots on our application platforms (and we haven’t started this yet). We are opt-in advertisement with a focus on giving fair and lucrative exposure in ways that make you better able to be you – without all the noise.

Partner with us for free

Use the form on our website to let us know if you’d like your website or blog to be considered on our application and web platform. You don’t lose anything. You gain access to over a thousand+ active users that will be randomly served your content. Its free promotion. No gimmicks. No hassle. No strings attached.

Write a Guest Post for Us

Want more promotion? Sure, we got you. Write a guest article on our Catlicked Daily. We will host it on our site to get you free back-links to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since our site is run by developers and data scientists, we are actually able to get you better results than most of our paid competitors. Because we are able to develop, maintain, and leverage our unlimited hosting capacity, we also don’t have a lot of costs. Free can and does exist in this world of pay-to-play. Its just connecting developers to the beauty industry that has been difficult to do outright. We are introverts and sometimes you scare us.

Start Catlicking

Our website platform is still under-development. The goal is to create a simple page where you can click a button and be served highly curated, but randomly selected, design, fashion, and styles content. Its that simple.

Our Commitment to You

We will try to be quick with our responses. Please remember: we are a free service. As such, we hope you will understand that sometimes we may be slow to respond to any request. Give us at least two weeks before you send a gentle reminder.